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General Information FAQ

How do I configure Outlook Express at home to read/send my UNI e-mail?
Go to this web page Outlook Express Configuration Pictures
What is on the "standard build" for CHFA computers?
Should I leave my computer on or shut it off when I'm not using it?
Many things happen when your CHFA computer is otherwise unused, virus scans, automatic updates etc. If you turn your computer off none of this can take place. Please leave your CHFA computer ON at all times - nights, weekends etc. They should NOT be left in sleep mode, but we do recommend logging Off if your operating system allows it.
How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to CHFA-today?
You can join the list by sending a message to: MAILSERV@uni.edu where the body of the message contains: "SUB CHFA-Today". You may leave the list by sending a message to: MAILSERV@uni.edu where the body of the message contains: "UNSUB CHFA-Today".
I have a computer problem, what is the fastest way to get your help?
The fastest way to get help is by filling out and submitting a work request form. You can also call the CHFA|TECH help line at 273-7349, or e-mail us at chfatech@uni.edu. Calling or e-mailing an individual technician can take longer, as they may be busy with another task, or may be away from their desk for some time.
I notified you of a problem. How long will it be before you help me?
All problems/work requests are entered into our master task list. On any given day we have 150 or more tasks open. Jobs are primarily on a first-in first-out basis, with adjustments made based on the severity / urgency of the problem.
How can I tell if you've worked on my problem?
Visit our new online report section and look for your task. You can search for your task by your name or the task ID.
Someone from CHFA|TECH called me some time ago and was ready to work on my job. Now when I call CHFA|TECH, I'm told it will be a while before you get to me. How was I at the top of the list then and now I'm farther down?
We respect your privacy, so we contact you before coming to your office. Often people are not available at the time we call them. If this is the case, we move on to the next task until we get to a task that can be worked on. You may have been one of those tasks that got called because on that day the tasks above yours could not be worked on. We also have to make allowances for severity of problems. If a server is down that prevents many people from working, we will fix it before visiting an individual's problem.
What is this "task list" I hear the staff of CHFA|TECH referring to?
The CHFA|TECH Master Task List is a listing of all the problems/work requests we receive here at CHFA|TECH. The list contains information on where a problem is, what the problem is, what equipment is affected, what work has been performed and when. Each person at CHFA|TECH has a specialized version of this task list that is customized to that person's area of expertise.
I'm a UNI student looking for work - are you hiring?
CHFA|TECH is always looking for qualified students to work as student technicians, office assistants, and lab monitors. Having work study funds is helpful, but not required. Stop by the help desk at CAC 106, or email us at chfatech@uni.edu and ask for an application.
What do you do with the computers you pull out of faculty offices and labs? Can I buy the one that I was using?
If the machine is not too old, we try to reassign it where will be valued within the College. If it is not needed within our College, we look for needs on campus . If we cannot find a good home, we send it to the University auction. University policy does not allow us to sell equipment to individuals other than at the auction.
I cannot run any programs -or- I have a message window saying "KeyServer not found" or "Cannot find KeyShadows"
It is likely that your computer temporarily lost network connection. First try restarting your computer. If you still cannot get access, please call us.

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