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3.0 - New Strategies and Videos

Here are videos and strategies of all the demon fights done by me.

I didn't want to hijack Rokk's thread, and a lot of the new strategies people are coming up with are buried within 20 pages of the thread. The old thread was deleted due to inactivity, so keep this one bumped! (or convince a mod of this forum to sticky this! :) ).

I thank rokk and everyone that posted strats, it has helped me and many others.

Many people think that if you can't kill these demons you are a bad hunter, WRONG. These fights show zero hunter skill, its more like 25% luck, 25% readiness, and 50% consumables. Once you get the EXACT strategy down, these fights are cake.

Best of luck!

The Beginning
- You must recieve the Ancient Petrified Leaf from Majordomo Executus' cache. He is the second to last boss in MC. The droprate postpatch is now 50%, the other quest starter drop being the priest epic starter.

- You must also recieve the Mature Black Sinew from Onyxia. The droprate varies, some report it dropping about 20%, others report 2%...

- *OPTIONAL* If you want the epic quiver (18 slots, 15% increased ranged attack speed), you must either down Azuregoes (100% drop) or farm the blue elite dragons in Winterspring (about a .1% droprate).

- After recieving the Ancient Petrified Leaf, you then travel to tallest hill in the center of Irontree Woods located in Felwood. Three Ancients will appear, each of them holds a quest to the Hunter epic quest.

General Information
- You MUST do this alone, that means no pets, no totems, nothing
- You can get buffed, healed, ressed, etc BEFORE you start the encounter with each demon.
- You CAN be in a party, just not in a raid (make sure! or else you wont be able to loot the head).
- Having auras from other members of the party of any kind is usable, but highly not recommended, if you go out and in of the aura's range, they may be put on the demon's aggro list and the demon may despawn.
- Each demon has about a 3-4 hour respawn time, and once spawned, it stays only spawned for about 20 minutes.
- Any class other then a hunter that goes within range of the demon's aggro, will get blasted for a 5-10k AOE.
- You do NOT have to respec for the fights, but having certain talents will make it much easier.
- If you feel that you messed up or will not win the fight, FEIGN DEATH, it rarely resists against these demons.
- To make fights the easiest, get a full group that comprises of a mage (for AI), priest (for fort and resses), druid (for mark), and a warrior(for clearing).
- Use Rank 1 Arcane shot to keep all the demons tagged. If you have the PvP set gloves, use those, they will reduce the arcane shot mana cost by 25, thus making each rank 1 shot 9 mana.
- If you do not tap the demon every 12 seconds or so, it will get "bored," deaggro, and run back to the start.
- Some helpful buffs are recommended on all the demons, which include Fortitude, Arcane Intellect, Mark of the Wild, and a Demonslaying Potion.

Winterspring - Artorius the Doombringer


- North of Winterspring

Consumables\Buffs Used-
- Aspect of the cheetah (self)
*Optional* (To remove the debuff if you do get into range)
-Restorative potions/elixirs
-moist towlette

- Stacked rank 8 serpent sting does massive amounts of damage to this demon.
- You must stay outside of 30 yards of him or he will give you a debuff that does 700 dmg enraged and about 150 calmed.
- Having 3 points into Hawk eye will make this encounter much easier.
- Tranq shot will calm him - but should not be ever needed if stayed outside of range.

- Once you are ready, dont bother starting out with an aimed shot or trap, you need to conserve as much mana as possible for serpent stings.
- Have ALL your party members follow infront of you on their mounts to train ALL the mobs that you may run into.
- Use rank 1 arcane shot to keep him tapped every 7 seconds.
- Every 4-5 seconds, apply a new serpent sting on him, it will stack damage.
- Using Aspect of the Cheetah to kite him. You will keep running non-stop, using jumpshot will actually make you get out of range, if so, stop, turn around and arcane shot him then serpent sting him.
- You will have to kite him from the top of Winterspring until near the town of Everlook. Thus, having party members train all the mobs infront of you will make this very easy.
- If you stay outside of range the whole time, you will never get debuffed or ever need to use tranq shot. Just keep running and applying serpent sting\arcane shot.

Burning Steppes - Klinfran the Crazed


- West of Burning Steppes

Consumables\Buffs Used-
- Aspect of the monkey (self)

- In enraged mode, this demon does over 2000 damage.
- Using Scorpid Sting will reduce the demon's damage 350%, thus doing 1 damage.
- Everytime he enrages, he gets rid of all of his debuffs.
- If you scattershot him and he is enraged or gets enraged while dazed from the scattershot, DO NOT shoot the scorpid sting until he is undazed. If you shoot a scorpid sting while he is scattershotted, it will do NOTHING.

- Start out laying down a frost trap to slow the demon down, aimed shot him, and keep moving backwards until he turns red (enrages).
- Every time he turns red, shoot a scorpid sting at him.
- Once he calms down after a scorpid sting, (VERY IMPORTANT) run in and melee him, do not waste mana on raptor strikes or mongoose bites.
- When I used the Barbarous Blade, after 3 hits, use RANK 1 wing clip to wingclip him, and STRAFE sideways away from him (if you are faced opposite of him, he has a chance of snaring you).
- If you are having troubles using rank 1 wingclip and getting far enough, you can use rank 3 wingclip, but be sure to get some night dragons and mana pots and use them everytime the timer is up.
- Keep running and use rank 1 arcane shot to keep him tapped until he enrages again, rince and repeat. This fight can take from 7-10 minutes.

Un'Goro - Simone the Seductress


- South of Un'goro

Consumables\Buffs Used-
- Aspect of the Wild (From another hunter)
- Aspect of the Monkey (self)
- Nature Protection Potion
- Goblin Rocket Helmet (engineering)
- Greater Mana Potion

- Casts an ability called Temptress' Kiss which reduces range attack power by 1400 for 45 seconds.
- Casts a Lightning spell which does around 800 damage, but only around 200 with Aspect of the Wild.
- Viper sting will silence this demon.
- She hits softly, but her pet hits for about 200 damage.

- This can be a semi-difficult fight or a really easy one, depending on how you are specced.
-Drink a Nature Protection Potion prior to the fight.

*Tank-It Method*
- I recommend having another hunter in your group with Aspect of the Wild on, and that you would use Aspect of the Monkey.
- Start by laying a Freezing Trap, Hunter's Mark, Aimed shot on Simone, then immediately concussive shot
- Have the pet get trapped, shoot a serpent sting at her, and immediately run in and go all out melee (Spam wingclip, raptor, mongoose, and counterattack).
- *Optional* Once the pet is out of the trap, use your helmet on it.
- *Optional* Once the pet is out of the disorient, pop detterence to dodge them.
- Scattershot her whenever you see her start to cast the lightning bolt.
- Continue to melee her, she will go down really fast.

- If you don't have a Goblin Rocket Helmet, be stocked on tubers, night dragon's breath, and healing potions and use them once the timers are up. You should only need one greater nature protection potion the whole melee fight.

*Kiting Method*
- Start out with a Freezing Trap, aimed shot on the pet, then immediately concussive.
- Kite the pet around with aspect of the cheetah, having a teamate to aggro possible mobs, using arcane shot and serpent sting to kill it.
- Once the pet is dead, run in range of Simone to melee her to death.

Silithus - Solenar the Slayer


-Mid-west of Silithus

Consumables\Buffs Used-
- Thorns (Druid)
- Shadow Protection (priest)
- Aspect of the Hawk (self)
- 2x Greater Shadow Protection Potion
- 2x Whipper Tubers
- 2x Night Dragon's Breath
- ~5x Heavy Dynamites (either engineering or ez-throw)

- Casts a ~700 damage fear every 10 seconds or so. The damage is always done, but the fear can be resisted through Shadow Resistence.
- Will spawn about 3 bugs that are stacked on top of each other that do 150-250 damage a hit.
- With rank 3 Wing clip, it will give him a "crippling" effect and will be immobolized for about 10-15 seconds.
- Will cast fears only when immobolized.
- He melees for about 200-300 damage, but will miss a lot.
- Higher shadow resistance will greatly improve your chances of resisting the fear. Have a priest buff you with Shadow Protection.


Macros used:
/target solenar
/cast Wing Clip(Rank 3)

Arcane Shot-
/target Solenor
/cast Arcane Shot(Rank 1)

Serpent Sting-
/target Solenar
/cast Serpent Sting(Rank 8)

Multishot creepings-
/target creeping
/cast Multi-Shot(Rank 1)

- Start out with a Frost Trap, shoot him, and he should turn from red to normal color after he goes over the trap. The trap chills him, and only has to be done the first time you spawn him. Immediately feign death to reset him.
- Drink a Greater Shadow protection potion and wait for the cooldown. This will absorb the shadow fear damage.
- Lay down an explosive trap, hunter's mark him, and drink up for mana.
- Aim shot him, and as soon as he is over your explosive trap, wingclip him to immobolize him into place.
- For the next 15 or so seconds, you should be uninterupted by the bugs, as they will die with the explosive trap AoE effect. After the first fear, cast Rapid Fire to unload onto Solenar while his creeps are getting burned up by the explosive trap.
- Apply serpent sting everytime it runs out, and rank 1 arcane shot everytime after you get feared.
- When you accumalate a lot of bugs, use RANK 1 Volley to kill them. If your volley isn't up, use a dynamite.
- Whenever you get a chance, hit the multi-shot creeping macro to take out a group of creepings.
- After you arcane shot Solenar, keep autoshooting him until the next fear.
- Once your Tuber\Dragon's Breath timers are up, use them immediately.
- Once your Greater Shadow Protection buff is up, use the 2nd one immediately to absorb as much fear damage as possible.

Q: What do I need to start this quest?
A: You just need the leaf from Majordomo's cache. You do not need the blue or black sinew to start. You, however, need the black to finish.

Q: !@$!%# why doesnt the black sinew drop?!
A: Low droprates, probably to counter the now 50% drop rate off domo's cache.

Q: Why arcane rank 1?
A: Some report needing this to keep aggro, or else the demon would evade and run back.

UI used - Nymbia's Perl Unitframes (
Enrage announcer - CTRaidAssist ( - enable enrage announce under boss mods\magmadar
--Guide and movies by Airex

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