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Gift's aren't just one time a year...

Gift giving is year round & so are the pressures of wrapping them

So here's a solution. This site is a collection of ideas as well as my offer for in my home gift wrapping, personalization, and comfort knowing it was done without any risk of snitching to that special person what their present is. Appointments and arrangements can be set up by calling 319-290-6913. I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa and can only offer this to those who wish to come to my location or pay shipping to and from my home. I want to try to keep this as little cost to people as possible so the latter will probably not find this as convenient.

Special Wrapping Paper

You have it, I'll use it. I know some times there ares just special touches that someone wants done with items for that special someone, and to be frank, some of those mall wrapping papers, just don't cut it. If you provide me with the materials I will use them. I charge a flat rate for the service itself, and do supply some basic wrapping paper myself, but let's be honest. Not always does the typical paper cut the deal.

Items of Value

Proposing to someone, getting an anniversary present and that ring box needs a little spiffiness, or even just want to play a prank on someone by making them pull that special item out of box after box after box... Well I know you, your special friend, and myself all want to be sure they get exactly that gift you give them, without any worries or concerns that it might have been damaged. So I ask that all items over $100 in value be brought to me by yourself and wrapped in your presence. This eliminates any worries or concerns, and maybe will even give you time to think about what you want to say while your waiting to take that present home.

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