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5/11/2007MyUNIverse Moving to CatID Login
3/28/2007Collaboration Suite Status Updates
3/8/2007Apple Server Maintenance scheduled for Spring Break
1/24/2007New Macintosh Security Updates
1/3/2007Software Updates for Windows over Break
12/27/2006Macintosh Security and Software Updates
12/14/2006Windows Deployment of Website Authoring Tool Nvu
12/8/2006Memphis Upgrade December 11th
11/16/2006Important Information regarding Web Browsing on Windows Computers
5/27/2006Mercury File Server Maintenance - COMPLETED
5/12/2006Mac OS Security Updates
5/12/2006New Updates
4/10/2006Symantec AntiVirus upgrade for Windows - Outlook issue
4/5/2006Password change Friday for CHFA Windows and Macintoshes
2/16/2006Trillian Instant messaging update 2/15/06
2/14/2006Microsoft Windows and Office Critical Updates - February 2006
2/10/2006Acrobat, Thunderbird, Trillian updates for Windows
2/3/2006KeyServer Hardware Replacement goes smoothly
1/27/2006Windows Software Updates 1/27/2006
1/10/2006Microsoft Windows and Office Critical Updates - January 2006
12/9/2005CHFA Lab& Classroom Computer Storage reminder
10/31/2005Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.05 for Windows
10/25/2005UNI Mail Server crawls to a stop
10/13/2005Windows Servers reboot 8AM Today
10/11/2005Microsoft Windows Critical Updates October 2005
10/11/2005Quicktime 7 for WIndows - reinstall
10/10/2005Network issues Monday 10/10 - Core router reboot scheduled
10/7/2005Windows software Updates - default mail client reset
9/8/2005*Important* Change to CHFA Student Storage
8/25/2005New CHFA account password policy
8/22/2005new Student login accounts for Fall 2005
8/19/2005FileZilla Secure FTP client for Windows - replacing CoreFTP
8/9/2005Thunderbird 1.0.6 for Windows
6/13/2005Windows Updates 6/14/2005 - Please log off but leave computers turned ON
5/16/2005Mac OS X Tiger and Tiger Server Presentation
5/2/2005Trillian Instant Messenger Update for MSN
5/2/2005Software Updates coming May 7th for CHFA Windows computers
4/12/2005CHFA Server Updates completed
4/12/2005Critical Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003 Updates
3/10/2005New Firefox web browser on Windows
3/10/2005Access UNI webpages blocked as Pop-Ups
3/7/2005Sibelius and AutoCAD license servers back to normal
2/16/2005How to- Integrate Hotfixes into Windows XP CD
2/10/2005Completed- Anti Virus critical update = reboot CHFA servers
2/8/2005Completed- Windows Critical Updates Tuesday Feb 8th
2/7/2005Tips to speed up Mozilla Firefox
2/3/2005Demonstration of Apple's professional applications at UNI
1/21/2005Spring 2005 Open Lab Hours posted
1/9/2005Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird available to Windows XP computers
1/7/2005Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 for Windows
1/7/2005Adobe Creative Suite installed to CHFA Windows Lab computer
12/15/2004Student Server changes Monday January 3rd
12/14/2004Windows XP Service Pack 2 - deployed to CHFA
10/26/2004MEMFIS upgrade 10/30 - new security certificate
10/25/2004Updating your Email Username
10/25/2004Network outtage - CAC
10/22/2004Reboot of Windows computers 7PM Friday Oct 22nd
10/18/2004New JInitiator for Windows MEMFIS users
10/14/2004Fiber Network failure - Server Pluto
9/15/2004Quicktime 6.51 deployed to Windows users
9/10/2004Real Player version 10 deployed to Windows machines
8/28/2004Scheduled Outtage- Pluto 11PM FRIDAY 8/27
8/26/2004Thunderbird 0.73 for Windows - added
8/20/2004Accessing Student Document Storage
8/20/2004Elimination of ''Guest'' login accounts
8/20/2004Student Login Accounts - Fall 2004 **MAJOR CHANGE**
8/20/2004CHFATECH Newsletter for August 2004
7/29/2004Data recovery from Staff on server Mercury
7/6/2004Mainframe/Word/Telnet - ''application not installed''
7/6/2004Setting Default mail client in Windows 2000/XP
7/5/2004Microsoft Office 2003 on WIndows computers
7/5/2004Terabyte hard disk available for students
6/28/2004Document Server (Mercury) Restored
5/7/2004Network Outtage- rouge server found at UNI
5/1/2004REPAIRED- Network outtage - No Logins to CHFA computers
4/15/2004CoreFTP - New FTP program on Windows machines
4/13/2004Windows Servers reboot 5PM Wed 4/13/04
3/22/2004File Maker Failure
3/10/2004Office XP Service Pack 3 (for Windows)
3/10/2004UNI Mail Server (Wed 3/10 11-30AM)
2/27/2004Updated IBM Mainframe client on Windows
2/24/2004Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (7) in Windows Labs
2/18/2004Small error found on CHFA systems -- Macintosh OS X 10.3
2/13/2004Unified Macintosh/Windows logins
2/10/2004Windows Server EMERGENCY reboot 5-00PM - Security Update
2/10/2004New UNI Calendar Program for Windows - Oracle Calendar
1/30/2004How to- request CHFA user accounts for an entire class
1/16/2004Newer Version - KeyServer client on Windows
1/10/2004Thunderbird Mail Program available to CHFA Windows computers
1/5/2004We have moved! - Main office in CAC 106
1/2/2004Lab printing change - no printing from ''guest'' accounts
12/13/2003Network Outtage - Sat 12/13/03
12/10/2003Google Toolbar - blocks web popups on CHFA Windows machines
12/10/2003Dreamweaver MX 2004 - Available in Windows computer labs
12/10/2003Fix for Windows ''cannot copy index.dat... logging in with temporary user profile'' issue
12/2/2003CHFA's oldest active server to be retired
11/22/2003Network Outtage - Sat 11/22/03
11/12/2003Microsoft Critical Update 11/11/03 - MS03-048 - Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer (824145)
10/21/2003Real Audio Speed Issue on Windows
10/21/2003Auto Logout of Windows lab machines
9/26/2003Macintosh G5 Demonstration
9/11/2003Microsoft Security Update - Please leave Windows machines powered ON
9/3/2003UNI.EDU Mail Server speed problem
8/28/2003Another virus sent to CHFA-TODAY - ''Microsoft - Use this patch immediately''
8/15/2003Pluto Power Outtage message
8/14/2003Windows Server Upgrades Aug 9&10th
8/11/2003KeyServer upgrades
6/28/2003Server Restored - MERCURY
6/27/2003Deactivation - Student Windows user accounts
6/5/2003Public Computer Lab hours for Summer - CAC 115/116
5/9/2003Leaving campus? Want an automated vacation email message sent?
5/8/2003CHFA Student Accounts - disabled June 27th
4/29/2003Power Restored in CAC 212?
2/25/2003Ebay fraud email - requests your credit card number
2/24/2003Secure E-mail from off-campus -part 2
2/24/2003UNI Mail Server - Junk/Spam filtering
2/2/2003Power Restored to Lang Hall
1/12/2003Macintosh Lab and Classroom Updates
12/11/2002Planned changes to Macintosh labs and Classrooms over Christmas Break
11/27/2002Scumware! - Precision Time and Date Manager programs
11/14/2002MSN Messenger 5/ AIM 5.1 on Windows machines
11/13/2002Apple Technology Updates
11/8/2002CHFA Returning to ITS managed Backup System
10/23/2002Dead shortcut to Word, Excel on Windows 2000 computer?
10/17/2002MS Word ''Hanging'' problem in Lang 213 Windows Lab
10/14/2002SPSS 11.5 For Windows is available
10/14/2002Adobe Acrobat 5 (Editor) for Windows is available
10/1/2002Server maintenance completed
9/13/2002Adobe InDesign 2 for Windows - Installed in CHFA|Labs
9/10/2002Photoshop 7 for Windows - Installed in CHFA|Labs
8/26/2002Information on Student Macintosh accounts
7/24/2002CHFA Labs Closed until Start of Classes
6/20/2002Unauthorized keystroke logging - US Secret Service Request
5/29/2002Windows 2000 ''explorer.exe'' problem - Word Perfect 2000 Issue
5/7/2002REMINDER! - CHFA Student Accounts are removed after Final exams
4/19/2002Macintosh Users -- Microsoft security updates are available
4/18/2002OS X Server updates completed
4/16/2002Virus attachment sent to CHFA-TODAY mail list - Again! and AGAIN AND AGAIN!
4/7/2002Network Outtage in CHFA fixed
3/24/2002Windows 2000 Maintainance - Sunday 3/24/2002
3/1/2002Windows 2000 explorer.exe problem - solved?
2/28/2002Macintosh OS X Server Updates
2/15/2002AutoCAD change in SWT213 lab
2/10/2002Security Flaw found in Netscape version 6.x
1/29/2002Server updates completed
1/29/2002MEMFIS sign-in Web Page changes (again!)
1/22/2002A/V Training Sessions
1/11/2002Do you need a login account for CHFA Macintosh or Windows 2000 computers?
12/20/2001CHFA|TECH Services Down on Morning of 12/21
12/20/2001University email down between Christmas & New Year's
12/6/2001Prometheus Maintenance Completed
12/1/2001@Home May Disconnect all Customers - So far so good; No news is good news in CF/Waterloo
12/1/2001Network Outtage effects CHFA - **Fixed 3-30pm
11/29/2001Use a cable modem at home? Excite@Home service could cease Friday
11/7/2001Validating Test Questions
11/6/2001Problems with Web Reports and Acrobat Reader
11/5/2001Changes to Improve Stability in Lang 212
11/5/2001Educause to Manage .EDU Domain
11/4/2001Many College Admissions Offices Turn to the Internet for Notification
11/1/2001More Maintenance and Continued Investigations of Mac Problems
10/25/2001Global Slowdown of Internet
10/24/2001Changes Improve Performance in Russell Mac Lab
10/18/2001Mac Stability Improved
10/18/2001Internet Problems Corrected
10/15/2001Mac and Windows 2000 Login Information
10/15/2001Server Maintenance Completed
10/15/2001Progress on Mac servers
10/15/2001Maintenance of Mac Servers Tonight
10/11/2001Update on Mac servers
10/10/2001Work on Macintosh Servers Continues
10/3/2001Server maintenance Thursday 10/4 to cause lab and classroom outages
9/26/2001Color Printer in KAB 250 temporarily down- update
9/22/2001Leave computers on or off?
9/19/2001Windows users- Do you have a golden shield?
8/29/2001Prometheus Server update
8/29/2001Internet access inconsistant this week
8/26/2001Labs, Public Stations and A/V Rooms Update
8/26/2001Lab Hours
8/26/2001Lab Monitors and Student Technicians Wanted
5/7/2001Planned Power Outages
4/26/2001University Power Outage on April 26th, 2001
4/10/2001Work Continues To Service Public Macs
4/2/2001Servers Tested Monday
4/2/2001Sunday's Changes Aid in Lab Stability
3/30/2001Planned Maintenance on Sunday, April 1 & Monday, April 2, 20001 may cause interruption in lab service
11/30/2000Core Router Maintenance Continues
11/16/2000As of 11/16/2000 there are still network problems, but not as severe as earlier in the semester
10/12/2000Core router problems continue to plague University network
10/12/2000Core Router Maintenance Continues
10/12/2000Here is the latest from Ken Connelly, UNI Systems & Operations Manager
8/29/2000Welcome Back from Steven Larson, CHFA Technology Coordinator